The Grandchildren of the Swedish Immigrants of Chicago.


This page is dedicated to the second generation of children of the Swedish Immigrants. These are:the grand children of Anna Olivia Enholm and Oscar Larson, and the (one) grand child of Johan Oskar Enholm and Blenda Bromberg. Listed by surname (as I knew them) they are:

Reed and Jill Giese

Joyce Taylor

Betty, Ralph and Nancy Berg

Donald and Robert Coffman

Roger, Lois, Laurence, Laurel and Donald Larson.

Some History:

There was frequent socialization among these cousins (the Larson Cousins) at the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and on other occasions when the "Larson Girls" met at someone's house to play bridge and just socialize. Aunt Ida lived in San Francisco since the 1920's, so we seldom saw her. We never visited (or were visited by) the cousins of the older generation, that is the Enholms. Nor did we ever see Uncle Anton and Uncle Hilmer! So, who were the Larson cousins and what became of them?

A Brief Accounting of the Larson Cousins:

Reed August Giese: b. 1919 to Alice and August Giese, Chicago. Lived at home in Gary, IN in 1940. Address 644 Grant St. Married, Died 22 Sept, 1959 in Texas. Age 40 years.

Jill Alice Giese. b. 1924. Cook County, IL. Lived in Gary, IN in 1930 and 1940. Married to Matthew McAnary who owned a car dealership in Crown Point, IN. One biological daughter (deceased) and two adopted daughters. Died July 14, 1994.

Joyce Ann Taylor: b. 1920. ("Joy" Taylor in Cook County Birth Index) Grew up in Chicago, lived in Oak Park with mother Anna in 1940. Moved with mother Anna to San Francisco during WWII. Married Robert Cooper and lived in Brownsville, IN. Six children? Divorced, married Joseph Gilkison and lived in Tilton, IL. Died 7 Feb, 2011.

Betty M. Berg, b.1922, Chicago. Grew up in Fernwood, a district of Chicago near Roseland. Married Virgil W. Gregg on 24 Mar, 1944. Lived in Scottsdale, AZ. Became President of a Credit Union, and served on national committees. Three children.

Ralph A. Berg b 1927, Chicago. Fernwood. Military service in WWII. Went to college on the GI bill. BA in business. Loan officer at Harris Bank, Chicago. Married Dorothy Campbell. Two children.

Nancy Berg, b. 1932. Fernwood, Chicago. Finished High School. Married Robert ?????, two children. Divorced and re-married. Lived in Atlanta, GA. Died Dec. 29, 1993.

Donald Roy Coffman, b. 1926 in Chicago. Royal Canadian Engineers during WWII, was in London at time of the Dunkirk ebattle. Lost contact many years ago.

Robert E. Coffman, b. 1931. Gross Pointe Farms, Michigan. Grew up mainly in Chicago, 7 years in foster homes. College degrees: BS, MS, PhD. Professor of Chemistry, University of Iowa. Married Birgit L. Brun, 1959 in Odense, DK. Three children.

Roger Roy Larson, b. 1929

Lois Diane Larson, b. 1930.

Laurence Larson, 1936.

Laurel Larson, b. 1936.

Donald Larson, b. 1937.

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