Further Generations in Chicago

Two families derived from the original Swedish immigrants remained in Chicago after the Karlsson-Enholms returned to Sweden for the last time in 1909. These were:

The Enholm-Larsons and

The Bromberg-Enholms.

This page of this site is about the subsequent generations of children of these families as well as their children. That is the grand-children or "barnbarn" of the original Swedish immigrant couples.

The Enholm-Larsons were the most prolific in terms of descendents: six children, 13 grandchildren.

The Bromberg-Enholms were less prolific: 7 children, 1 grandchild.

The Karlsson - Enholms had four children as of 1910 when they were living in Kampaslatten Lilla, a housing division (six families) of Holmestad. They moved to SpÄnga, Stockholm in 1912. We presently have no knowledge of the family in Sweden, and we presume that they never returned to America.


Enholm-Larson Marriages and Children.

Ida Larson married Gordon Griswold(1923). No children.

Alice Larson married August Giese(1916). Children: Reed(1919 - 1959), Jill(1922 - 1994)

Eva Larson married Gust Berg(1922). Children: Betty (1923), Ralph(1927), Nancy(1932 - 1993)

Anna Larson married Wilson Taylor( ca. 1918). One child: Joyce(1920 - 2011)

Ingrid Larson married George L. Coffman (1923). Children: Donald(1924-1999?), Robert(1931)

Roy Larson married Agnes (1924 ). Children: Roger(1929-1991), Lois(1930), Laurence(1936), Laurel(1936), Donald(1937)


Bromberg- Enholm Marriages and Children.

Gerda married Charles Jensen(1920). One child: Louise Jensen (1922)

Axel. Never married. No children.

Oscar Walter married Amy Johnson(1919). No children.

Elvira(Vera) married Mr. Whittenberg (no date). No children.

Hulda (no information after 1920)

Ernest. Never married. No children.

Lawrence married Lillie Peterson (1935). No children as of 1940.


How prolific were these generations?

The first generation of Enholm-Larsons: produced 13 children (the 2nd generation!). We can give an accounting of these 13 children, since they are us!

The first generation of Bromberg-Enholms: produced 1 child (the 2nd generation). The only child of this, the 2nd generation, is Louise Jensen. Nothing is known (yet) about her!



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