Bror Linus, His Descendents and other Enholms in Sweden


Bror Linus never left Sweden, and left many generations of desdendents in Sweden. He became probably the most famous of the Enholms either in the U.S. or in Sweden. Linus (or Uncle Linus as he was known in Chicago) was born in Oct of 1880 in Holmestad where he lived until 19 Aug, 1904 when he moved to Karlstad. His wife was Eva Gabriella Bergman, born 1887 in Stockholm. They had one child: Birgit Maria Enholm, born 14 Aug, 1910 in Karlstad. (She was Ingrid's youngest cousin!). We know considerably more about Bror Linus, thanks to Birgit Enholm who had saved many letters from those days. We have learned some of the stories from Erica Bäckman, her granddaughter! We have also learned that Birgit Enholm lived to the age of 102 years (d. recently in 2012!).

Anton, one of Bror Linus's older brothers, who journeyed to Sweden and back to Chicago about six times. Never married, no children. Rescued the Bromberg-Enholms and Enholm-Larsons from disaster when the bread-winner in each family died of accident (Oscar Enholm, 1905) or typhoid fever (Oscar Larson, 1909). The EMIHAMN data base records Anton's departure from Sweden in 1901, 1905, 1918, 1924. 1926 and 1930. There are records kept by the family in Sweden that sheds light on his character! Anton died in Chicago in June, 1953. He was still living a short distance from the Larson store where Anna Olivia and her children lived after Oscar's death in 1909! We now know more about him, from letters recently received from Sweden (2012).

Karl Wilhelm, who married Hylda Karlsson in Chicago in 1898, returned to Sweden from Chicago twice. His last trip to Sweden was in 1909 - 1910, where the Holmestad records list his family. Two of their children were born in Chicago and two in Sweden. The children's names were given in an earlier page (Enholm Saga/Chicago).

This family was living at Kämpaslätten Lille, a part of Holmestad in 1910. They moved to the parish of Spånga, Stockholm in April, 1912. There are plans to further research this family at the Swenson Library, Augustana College, in Rock Island.

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