The Enholm Clan in Chicago.

The Enholm Clan in Chicago: This is a brief account of the children of the Immigrant generation. This is the first generation of Swedish-American immigrant children in the city of Chicago.

The Bromberg-Enholm, Karlsson-Enholm and Enholm-Larson children in Chicago (in the period 1900 - 1920) numbered between 15 and 17 cousins. How many childen were there?

Johan Oskar Enholm and Blenda Bromberg had seven childen: Gerda, Axel, Walter, Elvira, Hulda, Ernst( Ernie) and Lawrence.

Karl Enholm and Hulda Karlsson had four children: Flora, Carl, Oscar and Olga.

John Oscar Larson and Anna Olivia Enholm had six children: Ida, Alice, Anna, Eva, Ingrid and Sven.

So there were three families living close to one another in this period:

The Bromberg-Enholms

The Karlsson-Enholms

The Enholm-Larsons

as well as: the brother to John Oscar Larson (Carl Larson), Blenda Bromberg’s sister (Dorothea Bromberg) and the remaining Enholm immigrants who never married Hilmar Nestor, and Anton.

The families knew each other and often socialized!

The following picture (which was in Eva's possession and was lent to us by her daughter Betty) is instructive:


Conrad Studio, 420 W. 63rd Street, Chicago. Year unknown.

(A flash photo, flash centered on the top row!

Ingrid Enholm-Larson identified these members of the Bromberg-Enholm and Enholm-Larson Cousins (in the photo above) in about the year 1995:

Top Row: unidentified.

Middle Row: xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, Hulda, Ingrid

Bottom Row: Vera, Ernie, Anton, Gerda, Lawrence, Alice (sitting somewhat higher)

Her additional comment: Walter and Axel not present.

Our best estimate of the date of this picture is about 1925.!

Our best guess is that this is a 50th birthday celebration for Anton (born 1875)!

The picture is clearly centered on both Anton and Gerda!

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